2017 Candidates


There is time for everything. The journey that began long ago for our children is now at its final stage according to their different levels. The entire Talitha Kum fraternity wishes best of luck to Joseph Ndung'u and William Githaiga who will be be sitting for their final secondary education exams as from 2nd of November 2017.

We also wish the very best of luck to:

Beth Wanjiku

Olivia Wanyi

Sammy Muturi

Brian Munene

Tabitha Nyokabi





It is now more than eleven (11) years since the inception of the Home. We thank the Lord for the far He has taken our children. From no where, He has brought them somewhere. It is unbelievable to see our children who almost everybody has lost hope of their future living now a normal life even though with some challenges. The children have grown and as they continue growing, their needs also are increasing. Currently, the Home's pressings needs are towards the health, education, renovation of the structures and the children's upkeep while in the Home. We call upon anyone with good-will to come and join hands with us as we strive to give our children a dignified life so that they may become what the Lord intents in their lives. Whether small or big will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for choosing to add life in the days of our children
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The entire Talitha Kum fraternity wishes to express our heart-felt gratitude to             the Ruiru Ruiru Sports Club for their love, care and support towards the                   children. On Sunday the 18th of September 2016, It was so moving to see you         leaving your busy schedules and  purposing to travel all the way to                           Nyahururu to share life with our children. We don't take this for granted and for         sure this will never go unrewarded. It is a day that will be forever                               remembered for "whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you did it unto             me," Says the Lord. We pray for you that the good Lord may reward you                   abundantly and increase your love for Hime










Talitha Kum Children's Home takes this golden chance to sincerely thank the entire Radio Waumini Fraternity for your love and opportunity to preach the Gospel of Talitha Kum. We thank you for the many times you have put our children on air as a sign of your love and solidarity with the them.

Through this chances, the community has come to know about the children in the Home and also many people have come to appreciate themselves regardless of their status.

Thanks a lot and may God bless you all.




The year 2015 was a very special year for us as a home since we celebrated our tenth anniversary on 4th July, 2015. This day was full of celebration and thanks giving to God for the ten years into the decade of giving life to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

To mark the tenth anniversary, the Home has been involved in a series of celebrations where community members have been coming to the home to share life with the children and in other instances, the community members invited the home to visit their churches, schools, hospitals, places of work and other community events. The culmination of these celebrations was on 4th July 2015 during the annual open day celebrations. This celebrations brought together over four thousand people who gathered to celebrate ten years of existence of the Home under the motto, “Love Gives Life.”

As a home we are grateful to our friends, community members and funding partners who have walked with us step by step, day by day and who have given life to us and allowed us to give the life. We realize that we are because you are. Kindly accept our gratitude.

Read more about how the event was as narrated by a staff member.


As all people have a right to life, so are our children in Talitha Kum. There is always a reason to celebrate the gift of life. Every year Talitha Kum provides an opportunity for the community to come and celebrate life with the children which is a very precious moment.

On 6th of July 2013 the Home held its 5th Talitha Kum Open Day guided by the theme “You are my Hope”. This was reached to by the great effort of the community manifested through their goodwill. The community has stood by the Home since its inception. In the beginning the children were so desperate, hopeless and had no one to offer them a shoulder to lean on but the day brought fourth the reality of the Hope the community has put in the life of the children.

The day was marked with lots of activities beginning with the procession at Narenaro Primary school where we had prayers led by Rev. Muhia of PCEA church, the flagging off by DCO Mwangi of Laikipia West and the procession led by the Brigade from the PCEA church.

The celebration was well attended by many people from different publics: Schools, Churches, Individuals, Business community, cooperates etc. After the processions it was followed by the celebration of the Holy Mass conducted Fr. James Nduati, Fr. Mariano and Fr. Fredrick Gitau. Other leaders from different churches also attended the celebration and took part in the liturgy of the day which was a great witness of Ecumenism.